The information below applies to the HydroMassage Bed (340 Series) and Lounge (440 Series). For legacy models, please call technical support at 800.699.1008 or login here to your MyHydro account.

Reset your HydroMassage:

NOTE: Some details may vary, depending on model


1. Unplug the main power cord from outlet

2. Wait 60 seconds

3. Plug the main power cord back into outlet

4. Wait approximately 45 seconds to finish initializing. Then, run the bed normally




Recommended Maintenance Schedule



Reboot your HydroMassage Bed or Lounge using the instructions above.

Wipe Down

Clean cover sheet with antibacterial wipe or spray (product PH level should be between 5 and 8). If necessary, you can machine wash the cover sheet on gentle but do not machine dry. Never attempt to machine wash the comfort pad.

Every 3 Months


Add two tsp of Defoamacide™ (Shake Well) with three gallons of distilled water using the filler tube attached to the lounge. IMPORTANT: Only use HydroMassage Defoamacide™. (The filler tube, Defoamacide™, and hex key wrench for the touchscreen are supplied in a parts bag attached to frame behind the rear of the lounge.)


Check the touchscreen pivot screw. Tighten with 5/32 hex key wrench if loose. Do not over tighten to the point where the motion of the touchscreen is restricted

Air Filter

Vacuum dust from cooling system intake; either the filter at the head end of the bed (if equipped with a radiator), or the fins on the External Temperature Control Unit


Renew and Inspect

Contact HydroMassage

Technical Support 1-800-699-1008 x 2515

Admin / Logistics 1-800-699-1008 x 1010

Accounting 1-800-699-1008 x 1016

Marketing Support 1-800-699-1008 x 1027