HydroMassage Massage Therapy

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HydroMassage water massage is most commonly used for 12-15 minutes. HydroMassage Beds and Lounges often generate $2,000 - 6,000 in new monthly revenue and can help increase new patient referrals.

FAQ for Chiropractic Patients

HydroMassage water massage offers proven user & financial benefits and is a valuable addition to any Chiropractic practice.

Serving chiropractors for more than 25 years

Add dimension to your practice

In many chiropractic facilities, a massage therapist may use a full room and only be able to accommodate one patient at a time. Two HydroMassage Lounges will fit comfortably in the same space, allowing you to maximize space and provide water massage for 2 people at a time.

Chiropractors add value to their practice and their bottom line with HydroMassage beds and tables.


HydroMassage operates completely unattended, without any additional staff to hire or manage.


Set your practice apart by offering an innovative form of water massage your patients will appreciate.


Increase your patient retention by offering a relaxing and feel-good water massage.

Right now, it's being used 100% as a replacement for a massage therapist; it never calls in sick and it never talks back.
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Experience HydroMassage

Adding a HydroMassage Bed or Lounge to your chiropractic practice is an easy way to provide water massage without additional staff or hassles. HydroMassage water massage sessions are convenient, as the patient does not have to disrobe, dedicate 60 plus minutes of his or her day, or be touched by a stranger. HydroMassage Beds and Lounges make water massage more affordable and accessible for all patients.

FAQ for Chiropractic Patients

*DISCLAIMER: In Canada, HydroMassage products have not been registered as Class-II medical devices, and therefore may not be advertised, presented and/or indicated for use as a medical device in association with specific medical benefits.