Message from the Founder

Paul Lunter, HydroMassage President

"After 27 years in business, my passion and entrepreneurial spirit to create the most innovative massage experience in the world is just as strong as it was in 1989 when the company was founded. Having manufactured 15 generations of HydroMassage products, there are two guiding principles that drive every decision we make:

Innovation and User Experience
Almost any massage product that you try for the first time will feel good. But the real question that we have to ask is, “Do our products provide an experience that is impressive enough for people to actually take time out of their busy lives to come back to use them again and again?”

We knew we were starting to hit the mark when doctors began reporting patients driving longer distances past other practices to use HydroMassage at their offices, and health clubs with as many as seven HydroMassage units were seeing constant usage from members throughout the day. Building upon that success, each day we explore new and unique ways to improve the technology and solutions we provide.

Quality and Customer Focus
A great massage experience was just the first step. We’ve invested countless time and energy into the design of our products to ensure each system looks and operates exactly the same years from now as it does the day it comes off the manufacturing line, and is simple to maintain along the way.

Regardless of the products they sell or the services they offer, my belief is that every great company must view itself as a customer service organization. Whether we’re overnighting a part halfway around the world, or offering 7-day per week technical support from our headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida, one of our defining characteristics is our relentless effort to take care of our customers.

Please accept my most sincere thanks for your business and your trust in HydroMassage."

About HydroMassage

HydroMassage is a brand of JTL Enterprises, with headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. JTL was developed in 1989 to manufacture new and innovative products that bring comfort, relief and relaxation to people all over the world.

Serving industry leaders for more than 25 years


All JTL products are manufactured in the United States, meeting UL / CE / CSA safety standards as well as being registered as a Class I medical device with the FDA. Each component must first pass a rigorous 5,000 hour life expectancy test before being used in production. During production, each product must pass a 268 inspection checklist, receive approval from four different employees and managers, and undergo a 24 hour testing process before being considered ready for shipment. All products come with a two year warranty on all moving components and a three year warranty on major structural elements.

Brand Integration

In late 2008, JTL Enterprises announced plans to integrate our two, then separate brands, AquaMED and HydroMassage to form one all-inclusive brand, under the name of HydroMassage.

Both AquaMED and HydroMassage products have been designed based on thorough research and customer feedback over the 20 years in business. This has resulted in a continuous drive to produce the highest-quality and most technologically advanced products and features available.