Catalyst FitnessHealthy Clubs Choose HydroMassage
Club Owner: Amy Bueme
Location: 770 Wehrle Dr, Williamsville, NY 14221
HydroMassage Zone Set-up: 18’ x 9’ space near the front desk for three HydroMassage units (two 450 Lounge models and one 350 Bed model).
HydroMassage Strategy: HydroMassage is being used to boost upgrades from the basic $9.99 membership to the $19.99 premium membership. Premium members have access to all club locations, Group X classes, HydroMassage, and other amenities
HydroMassage Results: After adding HydroMassage to the $19.99 premium membership package, upgrades more than doubled from 30% to over 70% in only 90 days.

The Atlantic ClubHealthy Clubs Choose HydroMassage
Kevin McHugh, COO
Location: 1904 Atlantic Ave, Manasquan, NJ 08736
HydroMassage Zone Set-up: Three 440 HydroMassage Lounge models behind small privacy wall near front desk
HydroMassage Strategy: HydroMassage is positioned as a key part of a wellness-based, healthy lifestyle plan, and sold for $25 extra per month
HydroMassage Results: In the first few months after installation, 250 members upgraded their membership for a $25 HydroMassage package
Bottom Line: $6,250 in new monthly revenue from HydroMassage

City FitnessHealthy Clubs Choose HydroMassage
Club Owner: Ken Davies
Location: 1428 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125
HydroMassage Zone Set-up: Three 440 Lounge models
HydroMassage Strategy: HydroMassage is packaged for $15 in addition to the base membership price. New club tours are started with HydroMassage trial massages.
HydroMassage Results: Of the first 1400 members that joined the club, 88% opted for the higher priced membership package which includes HydroMassage for an extra $15 per month
Bottom Line: $18,480 in additional monthly revenue from HydroMassage

Chuze FitnessHealthy Clubs Choose HydroMassage
Cory Brightwell, Co-Founder
Locations: 23+ clubs in CA, AZ, and CO
HydroMassage Zone Set-up: Four to eight HydroMassage units in every club. HydroMassage Bed models are installed in private rooms and Lounge models are in cinema-style rooms
HydroMassage Strategy: HydroMassage is included in the Chuze premium membership package.
HydroMassage Results: HydroMassage is used as the first stop on all new club tours to help upgrade members to the premium package.

Crunch FitnessHealthy Clubs Choose HydroMassage
Mike Feeney, Executive Vice President of New Evolution Ventures
Locations: HydroMassage is included in Crunch’s 140+ clubs
HydroMassage Zone Set-up: Crunch Fitness clubs have between 1-3 HydroMassage Beds or Lounges
HydroMassage Strategy: HydroMassage is included with all Crunch Peak $19.99 memberships.
HydroMassage Results: HydroMassage helps clubs upgrade members from the $10 basic package to the $19.99 Peak membership

Workout AnytimeHealthy Clubs Choose HydroMassage
Club Owner: Steve Strickland
Locations: 100+ clubs in the US
HydroMassage Zone Set-up: 1-3 HydroMassage Bed or Lounge units per club
HydroMassage Strategy: HydroMassage is included in all Workout Anytime $25 Premium monthly packages.
Bottom Line: HydroMassage helps WOA franchisees close new memberships and increase upgrades to the Premium package