Healthy Clubs Choose HydroMassage

Fitness Clubs Choose HydroMassage

HydroMassage Beds and Lounges boost premium membership sales and attract new members with a new profit center in your fitness center. HydroMassage Zones are an integral part of many of the top fitness club chains in the world, as clubs with as many as 7-8 HydroMassage units provide members a unique solution for post-workout relaxation, recovery, and rejuvenation.

FAQ for Fitness Members

Serving industry leaders for more than 25 years

HydroMassage offers proven user & financial benefits in fitness centers and is a great finish to any workout.

With an array of options users can choose the right experience for their massage.
Profiles of Success with HydroMassage in Fitness Centers

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Healthy Clubs Choose HydroMassage
HydroMassage Zone Layouts

HydroMassage solutions for fitness centers include the design of a custom HydroMassage Zone floorplan, incorporating our best practices to help maximize your member usage rates and overall success.

Our designers help guide you on selecting the correct number of HydroMassage units and models in your club, and the ideal layout to maintain the balance between privacy and member awareness. When packaged properly, you'll experience a significant impact with your premium membership sales.
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We realized we probably needed to go with a more health-oriented focus than tanning beds in our clubs. We replaced tanning with three HydroMassage beds and are now on pace to make 3-4X the money we were making from tanning.
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Finishing a Workout Never Felt This Good

HydroMassage technology has been used for over 30 years. It?s the perfect way to start or end any workout. Members love having the ability to use HydroMassage at any time, and will even return to the club in between workouts to use HydroMassage.

FAQ for Fitness Members

*DISCLAIMER: In Canada, HydroMassage products have not been registered as Class-II medical devices, and therefore may not be advertised, presented and/or indicated for use as a medical device in association with specific medical benefits.