Simple cost effective interactive control.
Economic yet powerfully controlling, the HydrOS handheld controller gives your HydroMassage users the control they need in a simple, intuitive, easy to use way. Especially effective in areas where relaxation media is not needed or required the handheld retains many of the features of the HydrOS touchscreen so there is no loss of control. Same great relaxing experience and therapy without the frills.

  • Handheld HydrOS interface/control system
  • Control all facets of the massage
  • Selection of three preset massage options
  • Repeatable content enhances their relaxation experience
  • Simple Handheld convenience and control
  • Head to toe control of User Experience
  • Profit Center
    looking for a way to get into a profitable stance with new or existing clientele, HydroMassage can help calculate your potential

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