The most technologically advanced and user-friendly water massage interface.

  • Personalization and real-time adjustment of all massage elements: Massage pressure settings (10), massage segments (30), speed settings (4), temperature control (90-105 degrees), massage duration (1-60 minutes)
  • Multimedia content library to enhance the massage experience: Relaxation music and videos, wellness articles and e-books, apps and games, optional internet access
  • Member Management and HydroMassage Desktop Software: Connects HydroMassage to your front desk computer and gives your staff control to activate HydroMassage
  • Remote Technical Support: HydroMassage Technical Support Team can connect remotely to help troubleshoot or update your software
  • Self-Diagnostic: Runs diagnostic tests in the background to alert you to any potential software or operational issues
  • Promotional Window: Displays your advertisement in the lower right-hand corner of the Touchscreen, and can display up to 10 offers at once
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